Electrolysis by JD

The Only Proven Form of Permanent Hair Removal

Hair Removal Methods

Facts About Hair Removal

There is no reputable, scientific evidence, showing any other method of hair removal to be as safe, effective and permanent.

Waxing – When you wax, your hair gets stronger so eventually the wax won’t remove all the heavier hair. The remaining hair has to be tweezed manually.

Tweezing – All forms of tweezing are temporary. New hair will grow in 1-13 weeks or sooner.

Laser hair removal is not for everyone. People with darker skin tones are often seriously burned and scarred by lasers. People that have laser hair removal need to stay out of the sun for 2-3 weeks to allow their skin to recover. There are also numerous reports of people having hair regrowth.  Lasers also emit radiation!

Electrolysis is. . .
Medically approved, permanent when treatments are complete  and psychologically uplifting.

We hope you will choose Electrolysis by JD, permanent hair removal in SeaTac, for all of your hair removal needs.