Electrolysis by JD & Associates

The Only Proven Form of Permanent Hair Removal

Eyebrow Replacement

JD has developed, Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement. He implants hairs taken from another area of your body in to the eyebrow to cover bald spots, thicken, or lengthen them.

No more penciling in eyebrows. You can have the eyebrows you have always wanted naturally, and permanently!

Using a combination of Electrolysis and Eyebrow Grafting you can, reshape eyebrows, add an arch, thicken or lengthen them. You can make an immense change to your features.

Dramatically enhance your eyes by removing the hairs that feather out around your eyebrows to give them more definition. Give your eyebrows an arch even if there isn't one there naturally. Add length to give a more youthful appearance.


            Before                         After